How To Get It Right When

Everything Is Going Wrong

We’ve all been there.

Life getting in the way, struggling to make progress with your health and fitness despite the best of intentions.

We have so many strategies we share with our Complete Coaching Members to make life easier and guarantee results even when it feels like everything is going wrong.

Stop Planning for Perfection

Plan for the worst case scenario.

We call this an “IF…Then” strategy.

IF I don’t feel like doing my home workout, Then I will commit to doing my warm up at least”

IF I can’t face the gym after a stressful day at work, Then I’ll still have my gym bag in the boot and commit to driving to the gym car park before I make my decision”

There’s a good chance that you’ll manage more than you think, and by simply challenging yourself to show up you will build resilience and ingrain the habit.

Start by identifying your 3 most common barriers to getting a workout done or eating a healthy meal, and write out an If…Then plan.

Plan For Failure

We’re big believers in momentum - if you have a Plan A and a Plan B to fall back on, you’re much more likely to maintain momentum and reach your goals more quickly.

This strategy also really helps you avoid that ‘all or nothing’ attitude. We need to be able to make progress, even when life is tough.

Your Plan B needs to be the absolute minimum that you KNOW you can do.

For example, if your goal is to do 3 workouts in a week, your Plan B is just getting 1 done.

Giving yourself an upper and lower limit helps remove the fixation on perfectionism that we often see hindering people’s progress.

Stop aiming to be perfect. Keep aiming to be better.

Set yourself up for success!

If you found this helpful, there are loads more strategies like this within our group.

You can sign up here, or drop us a message if you have any questions.

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