Are You Fed Up Of Starting Again With Your Fitness?

Most people fail to maintain exercise habits long term.

There's a whole stack of reasons why you keep failing - and if you keep coming at it the same way, you are unlikely to ever see a different outcome.

The bottom line is that if you are going to build exercise into your life, the following trifecta is crucial:

🔑 You build new habits

🔑 You understand the 'why' behind your goals

🔑 Your goals align with your values

If you haven't truly explored why you are exercising and if it does not align with you values, who you are and how you want to live - when it comes to the crunch, it falls to the wayside.

Going to the gym because you want to set an example for your children or because exercise makes you feel most like yourself and helps you show up as the best version of you... will always trump wanting to reach an arbitrary scale weight just because.

If you are fed up with starting again with your fitness, here's how you can change that ⬇️

✅Set manageable and achievable targets with exercise - More is a bonus and you can always increase your targets once you've nailed your starting ones.

✅Have a plan! Write it down. Put it in your diary. Tell your people. Ask for support. Fill in a habit tracker. Positive habit change does not happen accidentally- it takes a plan and consistent effort.

✅Be flexible - Things are not always going to go to plan. Do the best you can on each given day and move on.

✅Acknowledge and celebrate all your wins and progress along the way. Creating the habit of reflection will help you value your progress and avoid black and white thinking.

✅Take your eye off the finish line. Focus on the things in front of you today where you can make positive changes. Find enjoyment in the journey.

✅Find support. Exercise with a friend or partner, join a group, join a team or get a coach.

✅Do exercise you enjoy.

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